Personalized Public Transport

While writing a book on bicycle sharing systems, I stumbled across a need for a term to describe the concept of public vehicle sharing. I was left with a void and in that void I came up with a term that needs further development and revision but could be of importance in the discipline of public transport. Bicycle and car sharing have some very unique aspects that lend themselves to not quite fit into traditional public transport hierarchy. I therefore came up with the term “personalized public transport”. Like any rational human being, I Googled it. Not much came up. So in an attempt to define it in my own mind and see if there is merit in it I’m attempting to make a Wikipedia entry for it and asked some colleagues to give input.

My definition of Personal Public Transport (PPT) is a network of vehicles throughout an area available to the general public in which a user has the ability to determine the route and schedule on a self service basis. The pricing model of PPT encourages short trips over revenue.

Some key aspects of PPT are:

  1. Vehicles cater to an individual or small group, are self driven or directed and designed for a single trip
  2. Various locations to pick-up and drop-off the vehicle in a defined coverage area
  3. Pricing model encourages short trips over revenue
  4. Vehicles are readily available at any (opening hours) time and routes can be chosen by the user